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Rules Of Signed Numbers
Rules Of Exponents: Multiple ADD: a^3 x a^2 = a^5: Divide: a^3 / a^2 = a^(3-2) = a^1 A^3/A^5 = A^(3-5) = a^(-2) = 1/a^2
Solving Equations: Order of Operations: Please Exuse My Dear Aunt Sally: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply OR Divide, Add OR Subtract
Solving Inequalities: (Switch the comparison when dividing by a negative number)!
Radicals, Squares, Square Roots and Perfect Squares: N^1/2 Power is the same as the Square Root
Polynomials and Factoring (a + b)(c + d)..........(a + b)(a - b)..........(a + b)(a + b)..........(a^2 + 5b + 6)........(a^2 - 49)
Equations of a Line: Standard Form, Slope Intercept Form, Point Slope Form, Slope, Intercepts,
Parallel Lines Have EQUAL Slopes: PERPENDICULAR Lines have Negative Inverse Slopes.
Systems of Equations: Coin Problems, Mixture Problems, Additive Solution, Straight Substitution, Graphing, Table (Plug and Go)
Word Problems: Distance = Rate x Time, Interest = Principe x Rate x Time (Watch Units), Discount and Tax problems.
Volume and Area:
Pythagorean Theorem: A^2 + B^2 = C^2 Watch for special ratio: 3-4-5; 6-8-10 etc
Ratios and Proportions
Fractions, Ratios and Decimals
Using "Logic" and "Reason to solve problems (Drawing Pictures)

78 Questions

Mini (5 questions Each)

18 Questions