The lessons on this page have many options and activities that were designed to be used for multiple levels of students. If using this material for very young students, you will want to want to increase the FONT size, simplify the sentences, remove the "abstract" ideas and focus on concrete exercises and make very simple and structured patterend responses. While the grammer and sentence stucture may not be 100% correct, the lessons were designed to help students use the English language and be understood.

Most of the lessons were designed to fit on A4 paper and have been saved as WORD 2010 and as a PDF file.
They have also been designed with an Even number of pages for duplex printing (so some material may have a "This Page Left Blank".

Please notify me of any mistakes you find in these materials - I know they are not perfect!
I will also be happy to add other lessons, materials and resources to this on-line teaching library.
New materials such as: Worksheets, PowerPoints, Videos, and songs are welcomed.