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DORIS EDWARDSESL Lesson Materials10 Day Program
This material was contributed by Doris Edwards from the work she did and used for teaching

She used a TEXT BOOK called: "Amazing Stories"

The text from the story lessons ARE NOT included here because of copyright.

She organized her materials into "MORNING" materials and "AFTERNOON" activities so I have preserved her stucture.
I did make some formatting modifications to her material to include word-wrap/paragraph indent, numbered bullet points, font changes (from Times-New-Roman) and PageSet-up/Margins & Headers and removed hard-coded teaching dates.

The paper size is 8 1/2 x 11 rather than A4 which may need additional document changes if the files are going to be printed.

Please send any comments or corrections you may discover that whould improve the materials for others.

If you plan to use any of these materials, it is important to review the content prior to trying to use it in the classroom.
Lesson Plans are only a "road-map" to teaching. The teacher must be comfortable with the matererial.

You will also want to make sure the "HOST" can access this site and files can be retrieved at your destination for use.


DAY-2 Wonders Of America

DAY-3 Coincidence?

DAY-4 Old-Age / Life / Death

DAY-5 Superstitions

DAY-6 Christmas (There are other resources related to Christmas on other pages of this site)