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Updated: August 23, 2017

Welcome to the ACS 2017-2018 School year.
Our class will follow the objectives of the Diocese of Raleigh and we will use

EnVisionMath Common Core from Pearson Publishing.

You can get to the book from Person Realize or from the ACS Portal

Besides the information in the book, I will be supplementing the material with additional lessons, topics and worksheets.

While North Carolina and the Diocese of Raleigh may follow the suggestions of the "COMMON CORE STANDARDS (CCS)" objectives and grouping of material, we are free to teach and present the material as we feel appropriate.

The CCS objectives are useful since many teaching resources have been designed to integrate with the curriculum.

MATH Common Core Objectives

Mathematics is a LANGUAGE. In order to be successful, it requires practice and discipline.
While it is necessary to learn the vocabulary, rules and symbols, there is also an ART to solving problems. It is not always about "ARITHMETIC" .

Increased learning requires the understanding and connection to previously learned (mastered) ideas and concepts.
Math is not about getting an answer but application of the principles to solve problems.
SHOWING THE WORK IS CRITICAL FOR UNDERSTANDING and building a foundation for future learning.

The Pearson material consists of a VISUAL LEARNING BRIDGE that "works out" a problem for a model process.
There is also an ON-LINE resource for additional independent instruction.

I do not support or endorse any 3rd party websites I have included as "Links" on my pages.
They were provided in the instructional materials or items I found while searching for information.
If you know of any good websites or resources, send them to me for consideration to be added.
There are many videos on YouTube, KAHN, LearnZillion and others you can find by doing "SEARCHES".
Some sites are free and others want you to pay a fee for expanded options.
Some sites also require a "Registration" and request, names, address, etc.