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Classroom and School Procedures


Diocese of Raleigh Grade 6 Objectives PDF

PHILOSOPHY: Mathematics reflects the order and unity in God’s universe and contributes to the development of the whole person by enriching one’s life and providing practical tools for daily living. Every student needs an understanding, knowledge and proficiency with basic mathematic processes, concepts and skills. Contemporary society demands a mathematical knowledge which helps students develop the ability to reason and think critically and logically, as well as to discover creative ways of solving problems, including the use of technological tools.

1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
4. Model with mathematics.
5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
6. Attend to precision.
7. Look for and make use of structure.
8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.
9. Use inductive and deductive reasoning. (Diocese of Raleigh - DOR)

Other Teacher Review Links:


Divisibility Rules and Factoring Whole Numbers (Review of: +, -, x, /)

Numbers and Prime Numbers

Least Common Multiples (LCM) and (GCF)

Exponents and Scientific Notation

Math Operations with Decimal Numbers

Integers and Signed Numbers

Quarter 2
Equations and Inequalities

Quarter 3
Coordinate Plane

Quart 4
AREA (Triangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Circle)
SURFACE AREA (NETS) Composite Shapes
Data Analysis (Charts and Plotting)

Other Topics

Converting Time
Standard Units of Measurement" (Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Oz, Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons)

Review Documents

OLD TEXTBOOK Glencoe Text Book 2001 Course 1

Other Pacing Guide for Standard Course of Study for 6th Grade.

Link to Craven County NCSCOS


QUARTER 3 Password: MS4 11-2 Combine Like Terms SOLVER
Combine Terms: WS_06
Key for worksheet:


Daily Openers: (Not up to date)


PA_40 Divide Fractions
PA_30 Signed Mixed Numbers (HARD!) Key:
PA_42 Mixed Operations with Mixed Numbers
C27 Reduce and Compare
C30 Improper Fractions
C31 Reduce Fractions
C32 Equivalant Fractions
C33 Compare Fractions
C34 Compare Fractions
C36 Add Fractions
C37 Add Fractions
C38 Add Fractions
C39 Add Fractions
C40 Subtract Fractions

C55 Multipy and reduce Fractions Key:
C62 Mixed Numbers

Working With Decimals:
Students should know how to Multiply and do "Long Division" with multi-digit numbers and DECIMAL Numbers.
They should also be able to apply the rules of "Signed Numbers"
LIKE SIGNS: Positive
This chapter in the Text Book primarily involves Multiplication and Division of numbers containing Decimals.
Math WorkSheet Land
Explore Learning Linked to Text Book - Course 1


OLDER MATERIAL to Move to the top as we get to the subjects

Chapter 10 - Area


Chapter 9 - Geometry Basics


  1. Interactive activity
  2. Art Patterns

Chapter 8: Proportions and Ratios and Percent



Chapter 7 Multiply and Divide Fractions, Circumference and Units of Liquid Measure


Chapter 6 Multiply and Divide Fractions, Circumference and Time Measure

Chapter 5 Factorization and Multiples

Quizzes and Tests (Quarter 3)